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Misplaced Optimism…….. I hope

Guess which countries have the highest birthrate !

In a Recent article for The Economist Stephen Green the chairman of HSBC  shared  his great optimism regarding   the increasing number of working age people who for the first time in history will out number those past or below the age of productive labor.Lets  put our tiny blue planet under the  microscope (regardless whether it can be bought at Wal-Mart) .in 2010 the world economy is expected to embark on the path the slow recovery while the entire political  polarization of the world is starting to reverse .America a superpower for 60+ years is slowly being replaced as the worlds financial behemoth. At the same time Islam has taken Communism’s place as a the mantra for revolution the middle east. Acting as a catalyst tensions will escalate to the point of reaction which will be oxidized immediately by the exponential growth of a dissatisfied idealistic youth just itching for martyrdom. For his sake I hope Mr.Green stands to profit  from global upheavals .Because the market is growing whether we like it or not.

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