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Copanhagen and the politics of controled chaos

world emmisions by country

Politics in the modern era    resemble a camera flash in a thunder-storm, to those uninterested and misinformed the fascination  international  summits exercise on governments appears to be meek counterfeit of real political action ,meaningless  monotone in which nothing is ever accomplished and no decision  ever finalized. However aside from satisfying  a personal hunger for prestige  these cyclical and repetitive meeting regardless of whether they gather in the search of universal justice or   to rally around the flag of faux environmentalism reveal with startling audacity the workings of  the modern body politic. Although honest political action comes in lightning bolts , societal upheavals  that can shift the course of the  nation what is truly utilitarian is the modern body politics’ ability to manufacture such anomalies and through gross exaggeration demand laws be instituted and commissions given mandates . No where is this more evident than in Copenhagen 2009 where world leaders have gathered   to debate an institution which will  amount to a global taxation model. Under the proposed changes high emitters of greenhouse gasses will submit to an international body in confirmation that we live in a world so twisted that the logical fix for killing the planet is to divert resources to countries in which consumerism is still taking baby steps,  help them higher more  construction workers  and fill colleges with engineers all foaming  at the mouth  at the prospect of a suburban home . All under the guise of  building  “green” infrastructure. This  money should, as a last alternative be spent developing sustainable energy in countries that already pose a significant threat the world environment . sadly however  this course of action would not put money in the pockets of those who some may argue  need it most. in essence the poor nations of the world have once more devised a scheme to socialize the rich out of their well-earned affluence  the peruvian president couldn’t have put it better “please act before it is too late “


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