Ontario-human rights tribunal and the culture of victim hood

I sometimes wonder, at which stop on the never-ending rails of progress did our politicians, and us the people, lose our moral clarity? At which point did we sell out to the likes of the OHRT (Ontario human rights tribunal ) ,who have exceeded their mandate of ensuring a fair and equal workplace  and successfully  absolved evidence , the framework of our  justice system of all relevancy  .This feel good agency  recently “convicted”  a police officer of  crime that does not exist and prosecuted him with a stereotype that was not only irrelevant but demeaning. Sergeant Stephen Ruffino was fined 5000 dollars for his “unconscious” profiling of a black woman which stems from a white tendency of “an expectation of docility and compliance  “.  Sharon abbot  the “victim” was confronted about the cause of her erratic driving  refused to properly identify herself  and replied “I didn’t do anything , I know my rights ” ,Of course she does  what minority member doesn’t understand their full legal status as  victims  and their  rights  that were so grudgingly handed over by their white oppressors ?  It truly marvellous that in today’s “multi-cultural” society  old racial stereo-types have been reversed  while   the founding peoples and cultures of this great nation  have submitted to  the  OHRT and its affiliates, for fear that we may ravage  the world with our prejudices once more.

p.s. if you are interested in the original tribunal document it can be located by clicking the link below


and for an excellent  article on the topic



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