ANTI-Semitism across the board PART 1

Jew hatred is  a viral fact , present in  virtually all  political  religious and social circles it spans the entire spectrum  of ideological differences  regularly uniting people without  common goals or values. Neo-nazis hate jews for suppose racial inferiority  left-wingers  NWO conspiracy theorists and muslim extremists all despise the immaterial zionists who so outrageously claim there was ever  a jewish nation. why is it that in such an age of tolerance and freedom  it is  possible that such ridiculous comparisons such  as Isreal  to nazi germany  can  gain a substantial following and that even  in the infinite vastness of the internet sites such as jew watch can  claw to the top of google  . the answer lies in understanding the circumstances in which genocide evolves. genocide contrary to popular belief is not a sudden explosion which releases madness and  renders an entire people helpless .it is the careful culmination  of  a sentiment, a confirmation  of   peoples belief in hidden and often evil forces,  fueled at every stage by political leaders  who  at the perfect moment  ignite the public passion  to synthesize   episodes of controled chaos  and name themselves champions of their lies. Jews have repeatedly been the victims of such rhetoric since they can freely be associated with every social class  and culture, this is a product of the thousands of years of religious persecution which eventually resulted with individual jews  holding large fortunes  while the majority of their brethren  lay penniless in the slums . Throughout  the mid-nineteenth century   the concepts of universal suffrage became known and demanded by  the people .while at the same time the nobility along with the clergy were still clinging to power.   As a tool to do so they invented something very interesting ,modern antisemitism   on one hand they attacked  the new fangled jew state which elevated the “clearly” inferior  dirty jews to undeserved equality. while revolutionaries attempted to “liberate” the nation from the rule of the Rothschilds  and cast off the chains of the Jewish leeches. these  are very the basic roots of  the most terrible political weapon  in use today.They say Jews can be used as in indicator of political freedom , but sadly if the canary is dead , it’s probably to late .


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